My Hunter’s Ear proved invaluable on my recent safari to South Africa. While spotting and stalking Kudu, Eland and other plains game, I was able to clearly hear my PH speaking to me; even when he was speaking at a low whisper. Then, when it was time to shoot, the Hunter’s Ear immediately converted from hearing enhancement to providing excellent hearing protection from the report of my 300 Winchester Magnum. I unequivocally recommend the Hunter’s Ear.

Whether training my daughter to shoot at the range or taking her afield to hunt, safety is a paramount concern. I found that when using our Hunter’s Ears, my daughter could hear my instructions clearly and had excellent hearing protection when she shot. On safari, she was able to communicate with the PH while staking game and she didn’t have to make any adjustments or put on other hearing protection when it was time to shoot. I would recommend Hunter’s Ear to every parent teaching their child to shot or hunt.